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Color Options & Information

All of Indaco's metal products are available in one of 15 Valspar colors, galvalume, or galvanized. Let's look at each of the options:

All 15 valspar color options available on metal products from Indaco Metals.

Sherwin Williams Coating Colors

While some manufacturer's sheet metal panels are painted, Indaco Metals are fortified with a high-performance two-coat modified siliconized polyester coating. When baked on to the metal, the molecules chemically bond, forming a durable finish that resists damage by ultraviolet rays and does not flake.

This coating comes with a 40-year manufacturer's limited warranty. These colors are available in sheet metals for all projects, including trim.

The colors available can be viewed in the image above; colors may differ slightly from how they appear here, depending upon your screen's color and brightness settings. Feel free to stop by either of our facilities (Shawnee or Sand Springs, Oklahoma) to see samples of each color in person.


Galvalume steel is similar to galvanized, but the sheen is smoother and reflects more light. Galvalume treated steel includes aluminum in the coating, which contributes to a corrosion resistance twice that of galvanized. However, galvalume is not appropriate for some use cases, because it does not hold up well in areas with saltwater, and also degrades faster when in contact with concrete and mortar, among other things. This metal is also slightly less malleable than other coatings, so it may be a more challenging material for projects that require rounding.

If you're not sure what color or coating to choose, feel free to contact us for more information.


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