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About Indaco Metals

Indaco Metals has been providing affordable, quality products for the metal building and metal roofing industries since 1995. We know that our commitment to exceptional customer service is why we have literally thousands of satisfied customers. We also know that referrals from these customers are the leading source of hundreds upon hundreds of new Indaco Metals customers every year.

A flatbed semi truck's trailer is loaded with steel building pieces in front of a large tan warehouse with a sign reading "INDACO".
Indaco Metals is based in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Indaco Metal's Mission

To provide its customers with a quality product at a fair price and with unsurpassed customer service.

A History of Success

In 1995, Joe Inda and his wife, Charlotte, started Indaco Metals with only one employee. Together, they worked many long hours to ensure the success of their business. Joe’s strong conviction that people should get a quality product at a fair price and with exemplary customer service remain as core principles of Indaco Metals today.

From our original 6.000 square foot plant, Indaco Metals has grown steadily and today encompasses over 42,000 square feet of manufacturing, office, and warehouse space. In 2005, Indaco Metals expanded its product line to include rigid frame buildings, which have proven to be an increasingly popular and important part of our product line.

Indaco Metals is a true family owned and operated business. Joe’s son, Josh, is a registered professional engineer and serves as Indaco’s CEO. Joe’s son-in law Steve Moore serves as Indaco’s COO. Now 21 years after its beginning, Indaco Metals is going strong with over 50 dedicated employees committed to upholding the principles that have made the company a success.

How We Can Work For You

If you have any questions about how Indaco Metals’ products can work for you, don’t hesitate to call or come by to consult with one of our professional customer service representatives to discuss your needs. Or, simply stop by our plant to see how our products are produced! We will also be more than happy to give you an online estimate.


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