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Metal Buildings

Indaco Metals manufactures and delivers a variety of fully engineered metal building kits that include everything you (or your contractor) needs to build. 

Example of a Rigid Structure Building, being used as an antique car showroom_
A large garage-style metal building made from one of Indaco's kits, lined with a mulched flowerbed with small shrubs on a blue sky with clouds.

Types of Building Kits Available

Custom trussed building with a cutout an

Truss Frame

Indaco's truss-frame building kits can be welded or bolted together, and come in kits for 6 standard widths, from 20x20 up to 60x120 at a 3/12 pitch. 

Indaco Metals' Sand Springs office, built from one of their own manufactured rigid building kits.

Rigid Frame

Choose rigid framing for extremely sturdy and larger buildings. They feature solid steel beams, wall supports, and bolt-together rafters. 


Rigid building kits start at 30' x 40' x 10'.

Custom residential metal building featuring wainscoting, metal roofing, and a carport_


Have a unique idea or business case?


If a standard building kit won’t meet your needs, give us a call. We’ll design a custom building to your specifications!

Know Before You Buy

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