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Everything you need to know about Indaco's building kits

Indaco manufactures and sells high-quality kits to build a wide variety of metal buildings. Regardless of the size or framing of your building kit, Indaco Metals includes all components for building assembly in addition to a menu of add-ons for function and curb appeal.

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What is included with Indaco Metals building kits?

  • An all-steel frame

  • #1 (26 gauge) pre-painted sheet metal

    • Your choice of two panel profiles, Duraloc or R-Panel

    • Your choice of 15 Valspar® paint colors (with a 40-year manufacturer limited warranty)

  • Matching screws, trim and accessories

  • 3′ wide commercial steel-frame, walk-through door

  • Illustrated assembly instructions designed for local codes (engineered, stamped drawings are also available)

If one of our standard kits won’t meet your needs, we can design a custom building to your specifications! If your project is in the hands of a contractor, Indaco Metals is glad to work directly with your contractor to provide you the best quality at a competitive price.

 bronze metal building with white stone wainscoting around the base with a sign that reads Indaco Metals.
We don't just stand behind our buildings; we operate out of them!

Choosing what type of panel

Indaco's building kits all give you the option to select R-panel or Duraloc sheet metal profiles for your project. But what's the difference?

  • R-panel sheets are considered "standard" and feature a 1.25" rib for every foot of length.

  • Duraloc has a much lower profile, with .75" ribs.

Depending on your use case / environment, one may be a better choice than the other. Give us a call to talk about what sort of structure you are needing and if we would recommend a specific panel type for your project.

What else will my building need?


Metal buildings can become dangerously hot in the summer months, and wide changes in temperature outdoors can cause considerable condensation inside the building. Whether or not you are planning to climate-control your metal building, insulation may be a worthwhile investment. Vinyl-reinforced insulation is available as an add-on to every kit. Certified R-10 is our "standard issue" when you choose to insulate, but a variety of thicknesses and R-values are available.

Windows & Doors

While we do not supply windows or overhead doors, we have a list of providers for these kinds of building additions and plans to add these features to your building does impact the kit we put together for you! Make sure to let your sales rep know how many windows or doors you plan to add in what sizes, along with where they will be on the building so that we can provide you with additional framing and trim pieces so that your building kit will support your vision.


Especially for larger metal buildings, adequate guttering is vital to ensure that runoff does not cause erosion issues around your new building (or pouring water above entrances!). Indaco offers guttering as an add-on to all building kits.


specially in the agricultural industry, having an adjoining lean-to on a metal building makes sense for a covered area to park items like tractors and their attachments, hay reserves, or other items that do not have to be in a fully enclosed space, but need to be protected from precipitation. Talk to our sales team if you think a smaller building with a lean-to may be a good fit for your needs and budget.

Ridge Vents

Ridge vents increase ventilation using natural airflow, and can increase the longevity of your roof, but may not be right for every building. Ask your sales representative if ridge vents are right for your specific project.

How can my metal building have better curb appeal?

There are endless options to customize the exterior of your metal building to increase its appearance and function. Here are a few additions that Indaco can include as add-ons to your metal building kit:


Sometimes called “lookouts”, these small structures placed along the roof ridges of larger buildings are often added for visual interest, but they can also provide additional roof ventilation and introduce natural light.

White sheet metal building with red wainscot.


Improve the aesthetics of your building with a wainscot styling – choose a complimentary (usually darker) color of sheet metal to be installed all the way around your building on the first three to four feet from the ground of your structure’s sidewalls.

Skylight panels

Indaco’s translucent fiberglass "skylight" panels interlock seamlessly with the metal sheets for the sidewalls of your building; they are not recommended for use on roofs A cost-effective (best applied on walls, not roofs) shine brilliantly and interlock with our metal sheets.

Will the building conform my city's codes?

Indaco Metals buildings are designed to meet the International Building Code (IBC) requirements and conform to codes within city limits. However, municipal building codes can vary widely, so check with your contractor or municipality if you have any specific concerns. Additionally, size and configuration of buildings may be subject to zoning laws depending on your area. If your building will be erected within city limits, it is likely that your project will require a building permit.


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