Metal Roofing Benefits

Noise Control

You will be amazed at how quiet an Indaco Metals roof will remain all year long.

Duraloc House Roof

Studies show a metal roof is no louder than shingles or tiles during rain and hail storms. Because Indaco’s metal roof panels typically rest on top of your composite roof—there is no empty space for sound to collect. Metal roofs even protect more efficiently than your current chipped and worn out shingles during heavy storms.


Indaco Metals roofing gives you the peace of mind you deserve while relaxing in your home. Scientific studies have shown that metal roofs present no increased risk of lightning strikes. In the unlikely event your roof is struck, the electrical charge dissipates, and the metal does not burn. The low risks associated with metal make it the most desirable construction material on the market.

Indaco Metal's roofing products are built to sustain high winds as well. When your roof is properly installed, it is virtually impossible for wind to reach under the metal sheets and even harder to loosen the fasteners and sealing materials.

Color That Will LastPanel Profiles

Our panels aren’t just painted, they’re fortified with a high-performance, two-coat, modified siliconized polyester coating. When baked onto the metal, the molecules chemically bond, forming a durable finish that resists damage by ultraviolet rays, does not flake, and fades only slightly over the decades (as all roofing materials will).