Frequently Asked Questions



Will my carport withstand the wind?

In the Oklahoma region, your carport's engineered wind rating should be no less than 90 mph.  Properly assembled, Indaco Metals' carports are rated for 90 mph winds (when built with 26-gauge sheet metal).

Will the color stand up to decades of sun and weather?

Some companies' panels are painted; Indaco Metals are fortified-with a high-performance, two-coat, Valspar® modified siliconized polyester coating. When baked on to the metal, the molecules chemically bond, forming a durable finish that resists damage by ultraviolet rays and does not flake.

How do I divert water from my vehicle?

If water pours off the edges, a carport is only doing half its job. Indaco Metals has the gutter and downspouts to fit your carport and draw water away where it won't erode the foundation or surround you in mud.

Will the sharp edges of metal sheets be exposed?

Those edges can be dangerous, not to mention an easy target for rust. Carport kits from Indaco Metals come standard with trim-every last piece you need. Wrap those edges and rest easy.